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1. The photos must be used to publicize or promote the band, the musicians or Tri-State Jazz Society.

2. Credits for published photos must include the photographer’s full name and “Tri-State Jazz Society.”

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Recent Tri-State Jazz Concert Photos

Richard Barnes and the Blackbird Society Orchestra

Wallingford, PA - March 12, 2017

Marty Grosz and the Hot Winds

Haddonfield, NJ - February 12, 2017

Photos by Jim McGann


Tri-State Jazz concert photos taken by Jim McGann and Paul Macatee, Jr. are hosted in albums on the Picasa website. Click the above button to visit the full collection of TSJS photos at Google Photos. (No login or registration is required.) Select a concert by clicking on one of the albums or scroll down to see them all. After an album opens, you can view them one by one.

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Stephanie Trick

Haddonfield, NJ - April 9, 2017

Photos by Paul J. Macatee, Jr.