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Tri-State Jazz All-Star Jam Photos


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Tri-State Jazz All-Stars and Guest Artists

Wallingford, PA - July 9, 2017

Photos by Jim McGann & Paul J. Macatee, Jr.

All-Star core band (left to right): Bob Rawlins, Randy Reinhart, Ed Wise, Franny Smith, Paul Midiri

Ed Wise

Bob Rawlins

Randy Reinhart

Franny Smith

Paul Midiri

Bob Rawlins, Mary Lou Newnam, Scott Ricketts

Nancy Rawlins

Chic Bach

Ed Wise, Les Elkins, Bob Rawlins, Harry Salotti, Tony Green, John Wessner

Ed Wise, Mac Given, Larry Bortz

Michael Durkan, Christopher Davis-Shannon, Ed Wise, Paul Midiri

Salina Higgins

Skip Livingston

Bob Fanelli

John Wessner

Rod Anderson

Ward Marsten

Les Elkins, John Wessner, Joel Albert

Bill Nixon, Ed Wise

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