Wallingford Concert 11/18/2018


 $10 First-timers and members of Tri-State Jazz Society

$20 General Admission

High school and college students with IDs and

younger children with a paying adult are free

Pay at the door - No advance sales or reservations

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Original Cornell Syncopators

Sunday, November 18, 2018 – 2:00 to 4:30 p.m.

The Original Cornell Syncopators (OCS) are a 13-piece Cornell University ensemble specializing in the music of the Jazz Age, both Hot and Sweet, from the 1910s-1930s. The Syncopators' music includes repertoire from the New Orleans Rhythm Kings, the Georgians, the Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra, King Oliver, and many more! Founded to commemorate the centennial of the first Jazz recordings by the Original Dixieland Jass Band, the OCS has since grown to a full-fledged Dance Orchestra, building a reputation both locally in Ithaca, NY, and nationally with performances at regional jazz festivals.


Colin Hancock is an Urban and Regional Studies major from Buda, TX. He is also a Music and Law and Society minor. Colin enjoys playing and listening to early jazz, as well as the study of its history and influence. He picked up the trumpet after falling in love with the music of Bix Beiderbecke, Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet. An avid record collector and amateur historian in territory and Texas Jazz, Colin has produced recordings utilizing century-old acoustical techniques, and his future plans include applying to law schools, as well as playing music professionally. He is the only OCS member to have performed previously at TSJS, appearing as a guest with his mentor Dan Levinson and his Roof Garden Jass Band in August, 2017.

A Cornell sophomore from Savannah, GA. Uche Chukwukere has been playing violin for many years and was even in the Georgia All-State Orchestra in high school. He now maintains his chops in the “maestro” chair of the Syncopators, a role often now forgotten in the world of Hot Dance music.

NJ native and trumpeter David Connelly is studying mathematics at Cornell. He has been playing trumpet since the fourth grade, and some of his favorite musicians include Louis Armstrong, Johnny Hodges and Clifford Brown.

Lesley Greene is the proud mother of Cornell students and has been playing trumpet for a number of years. When she isn't syncopating, she works as the Associate Producing Director of the Kitchen Theatre Company in Ithaca, NY.

Born in Ithaca, NY, Rishi Verma started playing trombone in third grade, and first joined a jazz band one year later. At Cornell, Rishi studies Operations Research and is an active member of the jazz community.


Colin Hancock – Cornet, Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Vocals, Leader

Uche Chukwukere – Violin (guest)

David Connelly - Trumpet

Lesley Greene – Trumpet

Rishi Verma – Trombone, Kazoo

Kieran Loehr – Reeds

Troy Anderson – Reeds

Stephen Newcomb – Reeds

Clare Burhenne – Reeds, Vocals

Robbert Van Renesse – Banjo, Guitar

Christina Li – Piano, Vocals

Noah Li – Drums, Vocals

Sarah Cohn-Manick - Tuba

Photo by OCS

Another Ithaca native, Kieran Loehr is a Physics major who started playing alto saxophone in third grade and has been on the horn for over a decade since. His initial jazz influence came from listening to Cannonball Adderley and Charlie Parker in his uncle’s car.

Troy Anderson is an undergraduate from Pittsford, NY, studying Biological Sciences and set to graduate in 2019. His passion for jazz began with a Pre-Collegiate Diploma in Jazz Saxophone from Eastman Community Music School, which carried over to playing in various groups on Cornell’s campus. Beyond jazz, he eventually hopes to pursue a PhD in Genetics.

A sophomore from California, Stephen Newcomb majors in Computer Science with an emphasis on Philosophy and Music. Throughout his nine years of playing, he has drawn inspiration from Cannonball Adderley, Lars Gullin, Charlie Parker and Pepper Adams among others, and loves to explore new ways to push the art of jazz forward.

Clare Burhenne is a junior majoring in physics and philosophy from CT. She has played the saxophone for eight years and sung for as long as she can remember. She grew up in a house full of jazz music, eventually finding inspiration in the likes of Gerry Mulligan, Ella Fitzgerald, and Horace Silver for her own jazz pursuits.

Robbert van Renesse is from the Netherlands and teaches Computer Science at Cornell University. He loves playing early jazz on tenor and plectrum banjo as well as uke and guitar. Besides the Original Cornell Syncopators, Robbert can be heard with the Ithaca-based Ageless Jazz Band and the Cortland, NY-based JazzHappe.

A pianist since the age of six, Christina Li is a sophomore studying Computer Science from Poughkeepsie, NY. She started with classical and since then has branched out to show tunes in pit orchestras, hymnals at church, and jazz. Her favorite composers are Gershwin and Debussy, whose opuses inspired Christina early on to continue pursuing music with passion.

Drummer Noah Li is an Information Science major from Westchester County, NY. Before joining the Syncopators, Noah spent his time playing Blink-182 in his basement, which he is arguably still doing. A classically-trained pianist, violist, and conductor, he will sing if the price is high enough and his family is not present. Major drumming influences include: Travis Barker, Hal Smith, and Tony Sbarbaro.

Sarah Cohn-Manick is an undergraduate English major at Cornell. Originally from Ithaca, she has played the tuba for nine years. In addition to the Syncopators, she also plays in the Cornell Marching Band and Wind Symphony.


The Community Arts Center, located in Wallingford near

I-476 (the "Blue Route") between Media and Swarthmore in Delaware County, is home to Tri-State Jazz Society's Pennsylvania concerts. Traditional  jazz bands and solo pianists are presented five or six times a year in the Art Center’s fully accessible Duke Gallery, a 3100 square foot space that boasts an excellent grand piano, good acoustics, soaring ceilings, and beautiful light.


414 Plush Mill Road

Wallingford, PA 19086

One mile from the Media-Swarthmore exit of I-476


For more about the Syncopators visit their website at:


“18th Street Strut”


San Diego Jazz Festival 2017