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What sort of jazz will you experience at Tri-State Jazz Society events?

Tri-State Jazz Society presents performances by artists who specialize in the very earliest styles of jazz music, with a focus in the genre of "traditional" jazz. These styles include:

Ragtime (which started in the 1890s), Stride and Boogie-Woogie - these styles are usually exhibited in exceptional solo piano concerts performed by leading performers and authorities in this genre
Trad (short for Traditional), sometimes called Early Jazz, or New Orleans-style, showcasing ensembles playing music from the 19-teens to early 1930s (the term "Dixieland" has become much less popular)
Swing (sometimes called The Big Band Era, though we usually feature only smaller bands) from the 1930s
For more information about early jazz, be sure to visit the article by Ed Wise, “A Brief History of Jazz.”

Who are the artists?

Some of the artists and bands who have appeared at Tri-State Jazz Society concerts are:

Al Harrison's Dixieland Jazz Band (Traditional)
Atlantic City Jazz Band (Early Jazz, Traditional)
Barbone Street Jazz Band (Early Jazz, Traditional)
Ben Mauger's Vintage Jazz Band (New Orleans style)\
Blackbird Society Orchestra (Early Jazz)
Bob Seeley (Boogie-Woogie Piano)
Bria Skonberg (Traditional)
Capital Focus Jazz Band (Traditional)
Cynthia Sayer Quartet (Ragtime, Early Jazz, Banjo)
Dalton Ridenhour (Ragtime, Early Jazz piano)
Dan Levinson's Swing Wing and Palomar Quartet Plus (Swing)
Danny Tobias and Friends (Early Jazz, Traditional)
Dave Wilson and the Rampart Street Ramblers (Traditional, New Orleans style)
Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society (Early Jazz)
Emily Asher's Garden Party (Early Jazz, New Orleans style)
Ed Wise and his New Orleans Jazz Band (Traditional, Swing)
Glen Crytzer and the Syncopators (Early Jazz, Swing)
Jeff Barnhart (Ragtime and Stride Piano)
Jerry Rife's Rhythm Kings (Traditional)
Marty Grosz (Early Jazz and Traditional Guitar)
Midiri Brothers Septet (Swing)
Neville Dickie (Stride Piano and Ragtime)
New Black Eagle Jazz Band (New Orleans style)
New Wolverine Jazz Orchestra (Traditional)
Rio Clemente (Traditional Jazz Piano)
Terry Waldo (Ragtime Piano)
Tex Wyndham and his Red Lion Jazz Band (Early Jazz)

Traditional Jazz Sample

Stride Piano Sample


Photo by Arnold Newman

Willie "The Lion" Smith

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